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Archery Bows

Archery Awards & Rounds

We run different award schemes at our club, all recognised by Archery GB, that will help you on your journey to become a better archer and maybe even compete one day!

As we only shoot outdoors, we also have different outdoor archery rounds that you may want to try. These rounds are also found in many of the outdoor competitions in the UK.


Progress Awards Scheme

Regardless of what bow style you prefer, the Progress Awards Scheme is for all archers. There are five badges to win, each a different colour, that represents your distance shooting skill! They are White, Black, Blue, Red and Gold! You can gain them in any order.

252 Award Scheme

Six sighters are allowed to be shot and then immediately followed by three dozen (36) arrows, shot on a 122cm target face, using imperial (5 zone) scoring.
These are shot at any distance of the archer’s choosing.
Three dozen arrows may be shot alone, or as the first three dozen of a longer imperial round.
One score equal to, or above the score stated in the following table, in relation to the bow type used, will qualify for the award.
The score must be witnessed by a second senior (over 18) member.
A distance award may be claimed multiple times, if different bow styles are used (recurve, compound, longbow, barebow).

GNAS shooting rules will apply. To see the scores required for the awards, click the picture to see the table!

252 scoring
Archery Targets

British Archer Frostbite Postal League

Shot on the first Saturday of each month - November to March, under full competition rules and become part of the Black Stag Archers Team!
What is it?
•    Shoot thirty-six arrows at a 30-metre distance.
•    The target is an 80cm size face, with ten zone scoring. 
•    The best three scores on the day make up the TEAM and we shoot against a different club each month in the division we are allocated.
You can "shoot alongside" if you don't want to be in the competition, or do not qualify (compound). This will also count towards the Club Frostbite badge scheme (all bow types), which can be shot anytime over the winter.

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