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We offer beginners courses for anyone interested in taking up the sport of archery either at a competitive level or as a fun pastime. The beginners course will take place over 3 weekly sessions, lasting around 3 hours each. After completion, you are presented a certificate of your competence. Our courses are run by fully qualified coaches and comply with all current archery safety and safeguarding standards. Our club will supply all equipment needed for those enrolled on a course. We have enough equipment to suit all size and physical strengths. Sessions are usually run on Saturday afternoon depending on prevailing weather conditions. The cost of a beginners course is £60 per person. The minimum age for beginners is 10 years and they must also be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian for the entire course, regardless of whether the parent/guardian is shooting or not. For any further beginners course information not covered here, please email our coaches at:

Learning to shoot

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